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Get a Job on a Luxury Cruise Ship
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Get a Job on a Luxury Cruise Ship

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"Discover how you can Travel to the World's Most Exotic Places...having the Best Time of Your Life...and Get Paid for it!" - “Now is the best time in history to get a job on a cruise ship” - Get Paid to Travel the World Having the Best Time of Your Life! - “It's almost the perfect job!”. 

Title: How YOU Can Get a Job on a Luxury Cruise Ship - Quickly & Easily!

Author: Neil Maxwell Keys
Edition: 2009
Pages:  354

Discover how you can...

Get paid to travel to exotic places that few people ever get to see.
Visit the Caribbean, Bahamas, America, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, Africa, Canada, the Far East, the Pacific, the Mediterranean - even the Arctic!

  • Earn a great tax-free income!
  • Meet new people and make amazing friends of all nationalities!
  • Work in a luxurious and elegant 5-star environment!
  • Escape the "rat race" of home. And enjoy possibly the most amazing, satisfying and life-changing experience you´ll ever have!

"At the moment I am in St Thomas on the "Norway" and I´m having the best time of my life!! I´m about half way through my contract - and I don´t want to go home. I can´t wait for my next contract! Thank you so much for getting me this job!" - Sarah Trout, USA

From: Neil Maxwell Keys
April 5 2006


My name is Neil Maxwell Keys, and in the next few minutes I´d like to show you how you can quickly and easily land yourself a job on one of the worlds most luxurious cruise ships. Best of all, you can do this even if you have little or no experience in anything.

A few years ago I tried hard to get a cruise ship job. It seemed the ideal way to save some money and travel the world while having some serious fun-in-the-sun!
"Unfortunately I soon discovered that getting a job on a cruise ship is one of the hardest, most frustrating things you can do!"

I scrambled night and day to find anything I could that would help me. But frustrating searches on the internet only turned-up ´dodgy´ looking websites selling nothing but outdated addresses...phone numbers that didn´t work... websites that no longer existed...and lots of false promises. And so-called agencies "guaranteed" me a job...but ONLY if I paid them a hefty fee!

"I spent over $300 and wasted 12 months wandering around the Internet trying to get a job on a cruise ship. Don´t make the same mistakes as me!"

No one seemed to know anything. And nobody seemed to want to help without trying to take a big chunk of my hard-earned money.

But it gets worse, much worse because I found that when I did manage to get through to the cruise lines...I ALWAYS got rejected! Infact I have a whole heap of rejection letters I could show you, that I received one after the other.

Each time I got rejected, it crushed my feelings like a grape. Maybe this has happened to you too?

You see, I knew that cruise lines hire 9,000 to 15,000 new staff PER YEAR just to keep up with all the new ships being launched. And yet I couldn´t even get one lousy job!

I concluded that this was a "closed" industry. And unless you knew anyone who already worked on a cruise ship and who was prepared to get you in...or you had a lot of money and were willing to pay big for it...then your chance of success was almost zero. I was about to give up on my dream when by complete accident...

...I discovered some startling 'secrets' about cruise ship jobs that anyone could use to get hired in the shortest time possible!

The first time I applied these secrets the tables turned so dramatically it made my head spin. You see, now cruise line companies were calling ME with job offers - and I didn't know who to choose!

Now, after several glorious years of working on some of the most desirable cruise ships in the world, I have traveled to many parts of South America, most of the islands of the Caribbean (my favorite being Barbados!) I have visited several islands of the Bahamas and much of Florida and the Keys, even Alaska. I made many great friends of all different nationalities and experienced tons of fantastic times and rare moments I´ll treasure forever - and I got paid for it!

And I can show YOU how to do all of this too - much quicker than it took me!

You see,when I stopped working at sea I stayed in the industry as a cruise ship recruitment consultant. I worked for some of the most desirable cruise lines in the world, including: Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, NCL, Holland America, Cunard and many more!

What's more, I am solely responsible for helping thousands of people just like you get the job of their dreams - working onboard a luxury cruise ship, traveling the world while having the time of their lives!

Here are just a FEW more reasons why you might enjoy the cruise ship lifestyle...

  • FREE excursions that passengers pay hundreds of dollars to do!

Including; helicopter rides over Alaskan glaciers, Swimming with dolphins, whale watching, rain forest & island safaris, hovercraft rides over the Everglades, exploring ancient and modern cities, party & drinking cruises, free passes to top tourist attractions, elephant safari rides and much, much more! (This is not hype. I have done thousands of dollars worth of free excursions!).

  • Parties galore! Cabin parties, deck parties, beach parties, crew-bar parties often with free food and drink. This is where the REAL fun happens! Boy, have I got some fond memories :-)
  • Dirt cheap drinks for crew members (as low as $1 for a cocktail!)
  • Your own "crew" bar. The best bar on the ship where you´ll meet and make many great friends - even partners!
  • Get paid weekly in US dollars - CASH! (Nothing beats the feeling of being handed wads of crisp dollar bills at the end of each week!)
  • Zero expenses. Nothing. Zippo. Nadda. This means you get to keep ALL the money you earn - every cent!

Picture yourself coming home with enough money for a deposit on a house or a new car. Imagine being able to clear all of your debts! Imagine being able to buy the best clothes... and gifts for your family. Imagine being able to blow the lot on amazing life experiences in exotic ports of call!
This choice is yours.

  • Use of state-of-the-art facilities (Including, high-tech gymnasium with sauna, Jacuzzi´s & steam rooms!) Not to mention       the superb sports facilities which can be available to crew (volleyball, basketball, racquetball, outdoor and indoor pools and jogging track!)
  • Free room, board and more free food than you can eat!
  • Reduced travel rates even FREE cruises for family and friends to come out and visit you (trust me - they´ll LOVE you forever for this one!)
  • Airfare paid to and from your ship!

...The benefits go on and on!

Perhaps this sounds like a pipe dream to you? Maybe too good to be true? It really isn´t, you know. This is exactly how thousands of other people are choosing to live their lives right now, as we speak.

This is exactly the life that YOU too could be living!

And get this. More than 130,000 people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds areemployed in this industry. People who´ve quit the rat-race of home and are enjoying incredible life experiences, earning good money with none of the hassle of normal everyday living. No bills to pay, no cooking, no cleaning and no commitments (other than their job, of course!)

What's more, they've discovered that it's a great way to travel the world for several months at a time - without the hassle, expense and danger of doing it alone.

"Why shouldn't YOU be the one having fun in the sun?"

Best of all, the good news is that there´s absolutely nothing stopping you from joining them. No barriers at all. This is an industry where age, sex or race is NOT an obstacle. There is zero prejudice towards any particular groups of people. Whether you´re male, female, young, old, black, white, Asian, gay, straight. You´ll have exactly the same opportunities as the next person. Indeed, my first ship had 72 different nationalities working onboard - this is what makes it so unique, special and exciting!

So there´s plenty of opportunity - if you know what to do and how to go about it.

If what you´ve read so far doesn´t get your juices flowing... If you don´t feel a buzz of excitement building within you... if your mouth isn´t watering at the prospect of experiencing this superb lifestyle... then maybe you should look elsewhere? I honestly don´t think this is for you.

On the other hand...

If you´re the type of person that aspires to a bit more in life... if you want travel, adventure and romance! And you want to meet people and make friends from all around the world...if you want to visit unique, exotic islands that few people ever get to see and enjoy amazing life experiences...

...and you're someone who wants something to tell the kids when they´re older. And stories to make your friends at home jealous while they´re stuck in their boring, tedious routines...but most importantly - you´re someone who is prepared to work hard and play hard...
Then this is definitely for you and you´ll never regret it!

Fact is, although there are 130,000 people working on cruise ships right now...it´s one of the hardest industry's to get into...so unless you have access to the RIGHT information and know how to use it correctly - you´re going to struggle.      
"Imagine if you had someone who REALLY knows what they´re doing to guide you!"     
For the first time ever I've blown-open my personal vault. I´ve left nothing to chance. I´ve poured every possible little detail, all of my closely-guarded secrets...I´ve scraped together all of my direct contacts...all of my little-known tricks, tips and previously un-disclosed information

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