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The Thailand Report
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The Thailand Report

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Thailand's reputation as a holiday paradise and exotic, colourful and freewheeling country is well deserved. The rapidly growing Thai economy, sunny climate, and bargain property prices are just a few reasons for the influx of expatriates to the area. As the economy recovers business opportunities abound for the astute and well-informed investor.

Title: The Thailand Report - An Expat´s Guide to Living in Thailand

Author: Andy Guest
Edition: 2005
Pages:  107

A Guide To Living, Retiring, Working and Doing Business in Thailand.

This EscapeArtist Special Report is intended for those readers who are seriously considering moving to Thailand for a prolonged period, or perhaps for the rest of their lives. The contents focus less upon the sort of information usually found in the popular tourist guides (hotels, restaurants, entertainment etc) and more upon the practical realities of moving to and successfully living in the Land of Smiles. Thailand is a wonderful place to live, but a move to the country is not without it´s attendant difficulties. This Report aims to help the reader to achieve a smooth transition to a new life in the Kingdom -

To give the reader some ideaa of the scope of this report, the Visa and Work Permit Section listed above (as Chapter 3,) contains: Transit Visa, 30-Day Tourist Visa, 60 Day Tourist Visa, Non-immigrant Visa, Business Visa , Dependent And Other Visa, Diplomatic Visa, BOI Visa, Capital Investment Visa, Other Non-Immigrant Visa Types, Permanent Residency, Residency Under The Board Of Investment (BOI) Promotion Programme, Direct Investment, Indirect Investment In Securities, Experts Visa, Office Of Immigration Bureau Investment Program, Office Of Immigration Bureau Residency Quota Scheme, Work Permits, Re-Entry Permits, Immigration Offices, and Translation Services. This is a thorough report that provides you with the information you will be seeking and which would take many frustrating months to accumulate. Here it is. Written in easy to understand language.

This report supplies precise information on the process of owning real estate in Thailand, the various types of residency, how to form a legal entities, the investment market, where to look for employment, along with a wide range of precise information that is invaluable. Over seventy pages in length, this report demonstrates that Thailand is a great deal more than we suspect. It may well be Asia's best expat haven.

Thailand´s reputation as a holiday paradise and exotic, colourful and freewheeling country is well deserved. Yet it is also becoming a hot destination for those seeking to find a new life in sunnier climes. The Thai economy has grown rapidly over the last twenty years and the new government of Prime Minister Taksin Sinawatra is heavily promoting Thailand as the business hub of Southeast Asia. The effects of the economic crash of the late 1990s are still felt to this day and consequently property prices can be real bargain. As the economy recovers business opportunities abound for the astute and well-informed investor. New visa rights have made it easier to retire to the Land of Smiles and government-sponsored projects are quickly creating the infrastructure for a comfortable sun-soaked retirement. Add to this an increasingly sophisticated, modernising culture, fantastic scenery, cheap shopping, wonderful food, and nightlife that is unsurpassed, and it is little wonder that Thailand is becoming one of the world´s most popular destinations for the long-term expatriate.

Andy Guest combines 13 years experience of living, travelling and doing business in Thailand with a genuine love of and fascination for the country and its people to bring you an in-depth report on this most exiting and beguiling of Southeast Asian countries. The Thailand Report focuses on the practical aspects of living in the Land of Smiles. A comprehensive analysis of Thai culture will help you to understand the rich traditions and social mores of a complex and interesting society. Extensive and current advice on immigration and visa issues will help you stay on the right side of the law. The business and employment section explains the legal aspects of setting up in Thailand and points out some of the major opportunities to be found, as well as pointing out the common pitfalls to avoid. If you are considering making the move, the information contained in The Thailand Report can save you thousands of dollars by detailing the mistakes and rip-offs that catch out the less well informed. Property law and real estate prices are extensively surveyed - the report explains the different types of land, how to legally own houses and condominiums, provides an property purchase checklist and explains Thailand´s inheritance laws. Sections on the cost of living are covered, from how to buy a mobile phone to the cost of furnishing a house. The report even tells you the price of fish!

What is a Wat? How do I install satellite TV? Where do I buy groceries? Can I get a job? What´s the quality of education and health care like? What about driving licences? Where do I learn the language? All of these questions and many others are answered in The Thailand Report, the essential guide to successfully living in of the world´s most amazing countries. 

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