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Guide to Living and Working in Japan
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Guide to Living and Working in Japan

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You too may discover a country that, without really trying, dares you to explore, rewards you with its secrets, and beckons you to return. Includes a comprehensive guide to teaching English in Japan -- the conditions and salary, where the jobs are, and how to qualify for and secure a position.

Title: Land of the Rising Sun, A Guide to Living and Working in Japan

Author: Jim Sherard
Edition: 2007
Pages: 138

Who would dream of going to Japan without some sort of guide?  And based on what you know about Japan, or think you know, would you even contemplate living or working there?  For many outsiders it is necessary to first become familiar with the paradox that is contemporary Japan.  That’s what makes this eBook the ideal beginning to your journey, and the ideal guide to make your time there as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

History and tradition meet a fast-paced tomorrow in The Land of the Rising Sun, where skyscrapers and bullet trains coexist with castles and paddy fields lined with rustic wooden homes.  The customary ways of entertaining and doing business remain as constant as the barrage of sound in the cities, and can be just as intimidating.  Yet there is that quaint appeal of the uniquely Japanese flavor, parallel with the cutting edge technology and innovation of modern life, both of which beg to be explored.

In this concise and kaleidoscopic eBook, author Jim Sherard draws upon his twenty years of experience living and working in Japan -- years which he calls “two decades of the most exhilarating and mystifying years of my life” -- to provide an informed introduction to this fascinating country.  “Despite the occasional challenges that may arise,” he writes, “for those who follow their dream of coming to Japan I guarantee your time spent here will enrich your life, and hold a place in your heart forever...”

Land of the Rising Sun - A Guide to Living and Working in Japan not only shows you the Japan of today but also the Japan of antiquity, the recorded history of which dates to about 400 A.D.  After decades of isolation, renewed contact with the West in the mid-19th Century proved to be the catalyst for a radical restructuring of Japanese society on several levels.  The Shogunate which had retained control for hundreds of years was forced to disband, with the emperor being restored to power.  Among the many changes initiated in the restoration period that followed were the abolishment of the feudal system, the adoption of numerous policies based on the Western legal system, and eventually the establishment of a quasi-parliamentary, constitutional government in 1889.

Modern Japan has strong ties with the West, however there are many hurdles to clear on the expat’s way to living and working in Japan, and the route can be as complex as the maze of narrow streets that constitute inner-city Tokyo.  In this report you’ll learn the essentials about Work and Study, including topics ranging from Business basics to International schools.  You’ll also find a current and comprehensive guide to Teaching English in Japan.  You’ll learn what to expect regarding the conditions and salary, as well as where the jobs are and how to qualify for and secure a position, including Visa Requirements and Preparing for the Interview.

You’ll get the inside story on finding Accommodation – besides learning the essentials of living in a Japanese Apartment or House, you’ll have links to the major utilities at your fingertips in order to expedite your move.  For shorter or temporary stays, this eBook also contains links to several Gaijin Houses (or, “Guest Houses”) in the Tokyo area, and discusses the various styles of Hotel accommodation that are available.  You’ll also want to have this eBook for the up-to-date information on Financial Matters, including the Cost of Living, Banking, Taxes and the Economy, as well as the facts about Basic Services such as Telephone, Health Insurance, Delivery and Postal Services.

Consider the surprising Geography and Climate of Japan, and how its topography and varied temperate zones encourage movement about its land mass of slightly less than 15,000 square miles.  This eBook covers every aspect of Transportation, from Trains and Buses to Taxis and Bicycles.  What is required to obtain a driver’s license in Japan?  It depends on where you’re from.  How much does it cost to buy a new car?  What about buying a used car or renting a car?  The answers may surprise you, and you may also be surprised at whether it’s cheaper to drive than to take the bullet train or even a domestic flight.  In any case, you’ll be wise to have this eBook downloaded on your laptop or notebook for quick reference on this and other topics, such as Emergency numbers and suggestions for preparing for the likely possibility of earthquake.

You’ll be astounded at the variety of shopping experiences, and you’ll be grateful for the options that Jim Sherard with his 20 years of life experience in Japan will introduce to you.  And while you may be aware of some of the Customs and Traditions of Japan, this insider sums up the major Holidays and Festivals, and discusses the ever-important Tea Ceremony in plain language that will aid in appreciation of this tradition.  In addition, you will learn about the Kimono’s rich national heritage, as well as the enduring symbol of the Geisha, the popular and relaxing Onsen (hot springs, and where to find them!) and the social recreation of Karaoke.  You’ll also be enchanted by the annual Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) festivities that take place throughout the country, and this guide will lead you to some of the most notable viewing spots throughout Japan.

A conversation about life in Japan would simply be incomplete without talk of Etiquette – this eBook clearly describes the observances of etiquette that are deep-rooted in Japanese culture, especially where involving gifts and names, and when meeting, dining out or being present inside a Japanese home.

Finally it’s on to Nightlife and Entertainment, a wide-ranging subject encompassing Restaurants and Coffee Shops, Movie Theaters and Disneyland, Sightseeing and Sports.  You’ll get a thorough taste of the famous, must-see entertainment hub of Tokyo know as Roppongi, and more than a hint of the romantic side of Japan in the chapter on dating and Love Hotels.

“Though (it’s) far from being a complete work on the intricate nature of the land and its people…it’s my intention in this guide to share with the reader some of the experiences and insights I've gained through twenty years of living in this remarkable country.”

No matter how long you choose to spend in Japan, the combination of acculturation, acceleration and even noise may become too much and you will want to get away.  But as Jim Sherard will tell you, he found himself yearning to return to Tokyo and the excitement of the big city.  Order this report now, and you too may discover a country that, without really trying, dares you to linger, rewards you with its secrets, and beckons you to return.

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