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Living and Investing in the new Cuba
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Living and Investing in the new Cuba

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Title: Living and Investing in the new Cuba
Author: Christopher Howard
Edition: 2009 Newly Revised
Pages: 320

For over 40 years Cuba has been isolated from the mainstream of the world while trying to live the socialist dream.  The world has changed and so has Cuba.  Now is the time to come and explore this country that has so much to offer.  Whether you are a savvy entrepreneur, or want to live part-time or full-time in Cuba, or are just interested in wintering in a mild tropical climate, this eBook will help you.  It paints a realistic picture of living in a Latin American country and tells you how to deal with the many challenges you will inevitably have to confront.

This guide offers assistance to anyone seeking a safe, affordable place to live outside of the United States and Canada.  It contains all of the ins and outs, dos and don´ts, rules of thumb, secret insider information and invaluable data about all aspects of living in Cuba.  It shows you how to stay busy, where to reside, how to learn Spanish, where to find companionship.  It provides you with novel, sure-fire ideas for starting businesses and, best of all, this eBook will give you a head start before you even move to Cuba.

Cuba is the most populous and largest island in the Caribbean.  Located only 90 miles from the U.S. mainland, Cuba - sometimes called the "Pearl of the Caribbean" for its beauty - boasts miles and miles of breathtaking terrain, towering mountains, spectacular landscapes, quaint colonial towns and a couple of cosmopolitan cities.  The 300-odd unspoiled beaches, bays and inlets surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Caribbean have always been the island´s main attraction.

Cuba offers something for every imaginable taste and lifestyle.  Trends Magazine has predicted that Cuba would someday become the baby boomers´ retirement haven of the future.  In June 1998 The Miami Herald stated, "A mass new migration of retirees will start to settle abroad, lured by the low cost of living to stretch their shrinking pensions, reasonable health costs and warm weather.  Cuba will be the hottest destination due to its proximity to the United States and the relative lack of industrialization."

Cuba is ripe for entrepreneurs since foreign investment is now welcome and small enterprise is beginning to flourish.  The country´s 12 million people constitute the largest potential market in the region.  Canadians and Europeans are pouring capital into the country since investment laws have been relaxed.  The country´s new investment law allows foreign businessmen to own businesses, their offices and their housing.  Cuba has left the Cold War behind and is now ready to participate in the emerging global economy.  It is now time to get your foot in the door before the gold rush begins and hordes of entrepreneurs carve up the island completely.  A few of the reforms made to the Cuban economy in the last 10 years have created limited self-employment, legalized the use of U.S. dollars and encouraged foreign banking and investment.  Additional advantages for foreign investors include a highly-educated and well-disciplined labor force, tremendous opportunities in tourism´s untapped areas, and an improving infrastructure.

Although conditions for investing and living in Cuba are improving, nobody can foresee the future with absolute certainty.  However, given the events of the last couple of years and the direction the country is currently moving, the predictions made in this eBook are on the verge of coming true.

This guide deals mainly with the current realities of living and investing in Cuba, and will assist you with these important questions:

  • What is required to become a legal resident?  Can I meet these requirements?  What is the cost?  How often does residency have to be renewed, what are the conditions of renewal and what is the cost?  What is required to visit, or while you are waiting for residency?
  • What is the political situation?   What about income taxes, and other taxes such as sales tax, import duties, exit taxes and vehicle taxes?

This eBook is complete with valuable information about rental property, purchasing property, communications, transportation, food, hobbies, clubs, supplies and assistance.  You´ll learn about the culture, about entertainment, recreation.  The modest crime rate, investment and banking, sanitation and the rights of foreigners are all covered, as well as information about Legal, Medical, and Financial professionals, and even Domestic help.  This is truly an all-in-one guide, and it´s the best introduction to Cuba available from someone who has studied and written about living and investing in Cuba for years.

Cuba´s people are warm, hospitable, fun-loving people famous for their sense of humor and knowing how to enjoy life and getting together for song and dance.  Many will even take you into their homes to meet their families.  Despite the poor relations with the U.S. in recent years, the average Cuban will treat U.S. citizens courteously.

Now the Cuban government realizes the time has come to participate in the new world economic order.  The country is indeed ripe for the international investors who want to start new businesses, so the time has come for adventurous individuals to reap the tremendous opportunities which may await them in Cuba.
Once the country is completely accessible to Americans you will have the option of living there on a full-time or part-time basis.  Moreover, it will be comforting to know you will be able to return to the states quickly in the event of an emergency or other personal business - Miami is only 30 minutes away by air.  Such closeness also tends to reduce the feeling of isolation that affects many people when they leave their own country to move to a foreign land.  Friends and relatives will be able to visit you easily and vice-versa.

Canadians, Europeans and others have been flocking to Cuba for years to escape harsh winters.  Cuba has around 300 days of sunshine each year.  The mild climate agrees with most people and Cuba´s longevity rate is as high as most developed countries´.  The healthy life-style is also due in part to Cuba´s first-rate health care system.  Doctors are well-trained and medical facilities are good, and foreigners can be sure of receiving excellent health care.  And again, because Florida is so close, if you don´t feel comfortable with Cuba´s health care system it will be easy to travel to see a U.S. doctor.

Non-U.S. foreigners have been enjoying this paradise for the last couple of decades.
  It will soon be your turn.  Come to Cuba to start a new and exciting life and take advantage of all the wonders this beautiful country has to offer.  Christopher Howard´s Living and Investing in the new Cuba is the one and only guide you will need to help you achieve this goal that seemed impossible just a decade ago.  If you´ve had this goal, this is the time that you´ve been waiting for.

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